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Q. I am getting pimples on my face for the last 1 month. Can this be connected to the oil that I consume?
Ans: Acne or pimples can happen because of multiple reasons. Pl. consult your doctor. Consuming sub-standard quality of oil or eating too much oil can also contribute to acne or pimples.

Comments :
> What is difference between Mahakosh and saffola losorb technology
- prashant shivhare



Q. What is the difference between KachiGhani and Refined Mustard oil?
Ans: KachiGhani refers to cold press extraction process for taking out oil from seeds. Oil from mustard seeds were extracted in kolhus traditionally, which allows seeds to be crushed at low temperature so natural properties and antioxidants are retained.
Refined mustard oil is obtained by a process of extraction of clean and sound mustard seeds by a process of solvent extraction followed by refining.
KachiGhani oil is a purer form of mustard oil and has higher nutritional value.

Comments :
> In my area mahakosh is not available. I am interested for dealership of mahakosh sunflower oil.
- Alok Jain



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